FREEDOM SOUNDS (23) 14.10.2001
  The Ethiopians "Train To Skaville"
The Ethiopians "Engine 54"
Lloyd Campbell "The Train"
Scotty "Salvation Train"
Stop That Train "Spanishtown Skabeats"
Stop That Train "Clint Eastwood & General Saint"
Night Train To Jamaica "Byron Lee"
Ken Boothe "The Train Is Coming Baby"
Errol Dixon "Midnight Train"
U Brown & Lynval Thompson "Train To Zion"
Cool Sticky "Train To Soulsville"
The Rudies "Train To Vietnam"
Prince Buster "Train To Girlstown"
Sticky, Lee & Clancy "C.N. Express"
Count Prince Miller "Mule Train"
Junior Murvin & Dillinger "Roots Train"
Prince Buster "Last Train To London"
The Gladiators "The Train Is Coming Back"
Laurel Aitken "Freedom Train"
Soul Brothers "Train To Skaville"
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