FREEDOM SOUNDS (26) 25.11.2001
  The Upsetters "For A Few Dollars More"
The Schoolboys "Money"
Denzil Dennis "Woman And Money"
The Wailers "Pound Get A Blow"
The Bleechers "Pound Get A Blow"
Mossman & Zedse "Pocket Money"
Shenley Duffas "Million Dollar Baby"
King Tubby "Money Lover Dub"
King Tubby "Money Dub"
Dennis Brown "Money In My Pocket"
Big Youth "Ah So We Stay"
Laurel Aitken "If Itīs Money You Need"
Larry Marshall "Money Girl"
Prince Buster "30 Pieces Of Silver"
Don Drummond "Silver Dollar"
Carl Bryan "Money Generator"
Eric Morris "I Want My Money"
Eric Morris "Money Hungry"
Maroon Town "Pound To The Dollar"
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