FREEDOM SOUNDS (58) 23.3.2003
  Lloyd Parks: Stop The War
Jimmy Cliff: Vietnam
Laurel Aitken: Stop The War In Vietnam
Laurel Aitken: Peace Perfect Peace
Justin Hinds: Peace And Love
Rico: We Want Peace
Larry Marshall: Love And Peace
Bob Marley: Fussing And Fighting
Shaumark & Robinson: Peace And Love
Meditations: No Peace
Prince Buster: World Peace
Prince Buster: Prince Of Peace
Prince Buster: Don´t Throw Stones
Prince Buster: Give Peace A Chance
Lord Brynner: Congo War
Johnny Clarke: Too Much War
John Holt: Tribal War
Jamaicans: Peace And Love
U Roy: Peace And Love
I Roy: Peace
Rulers: Got To Be Free
Maytals: War No More
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