FREEDOM SOUNDS (63) 22.6.2003
  Jackie Mittoo: Mission Impossible
Jackie Mittoo: Champion Of The Arena
Johnny Clarke: King Of The Arena
Jah Stitch: King Of The Arena
Jackie Mittoo: Earthquake
Skatalites: Killer Diller
Jackie Mittoo: Grooving Steady
Jackie Mittoo: Summer Breeze
Jackie Mittoo: Hot Milk (70´s version)
Jackie Mittoo: Ram Jam (70´s version)
Heptones: Fattie Fattie
Dillinger: Jamaican Collie
Dillinger: Cocain In My Brain
Dillinger: Tighten Up
Dillinger: Dub Organizer
Dillinger: Nebuchadnezze
Dillinger: Healing Stream
Dillinger: Take It Easy
Dillinger: Nuh Chuck It
Dillinger: African Roots
Dillinger: Answer Me Question
Slim Smith: I´ll Never Let You Go
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