FREEDOM SOUNDS (64) 13.7.2003
  Lord Lebby: Doctor Kinsey Report
Stanley Beckford: Soldering
Desmond Dekker: Soldering
I Roy: Welding
Starlites: You Are A Wanted Man
Starlites: Mama Dee
Starlites: Samfie Man
Lord Spoon & David Woman: A Love In The Night Time
Edric Connor: Chi Chi Bud
Alert Bedasse: Industrial Fair
Alert Bedasse: Big Boy And Teacher
U Roy: What Is Catty
Alert Bedasse: Boogu Yagga Gal
Count Alert: In The Park
Count Lasher: Slide Mongoose
Gaylads: Sly Mongoose
Lord Lebby: Etheopia
Laurel Aitken: Mas Charlie
Laurel Aitken: Sweet Chariot
Lord Power: Mambo La-La
Lord Power: Special Amber Calypso
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