FREEDOM SOUNDS (70) 26.10.2003
  Austin Faithful: I´m In A Rocking Mood
Derrick Morgan: I Am The Ruler
Prince Buster: Earthquake
Derrick Morgan: Oh My
Derrick Morgan: Fat Man
Derrick Morgan: Shake A Leg
Prince Buster: Blackhead Chinaman
Derrick Morgan: Blazing Fire
Derrick Morgan: Kill Me Dead
Viceroys: Walkie Talkie:
Inventors: Music Is The Food Of Love
Black Brothers: Give Me Loving
Derrick Morgan: The Story
Derrick & Naomi: I Wish I Were An Apple
Lloyd & Devon: Red Bumb Ball
I Roy: Hot Bomb
Laurel Aitken: Fatty Bum Bum
Viceroys: Every Day
Ken Parker: True True True
Viceroys: Let Him Go
Roland Alphonso: Hop Special
Derrick & Pauline: Do You Love Me?
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