FREEDOM SOUNDS (77) 8.2.2004
  Dandy: Rudy A Message To You
Dandy: My Time Now
Sugar & Dandy: One Man Went To Mow
Sugar & Dandy: Time And Tide
Sugar & Dandy: I Want To Be Your Lover Man
Tito Simone: King Without A Throne
Dandy: I Found Love
Sugar & Dandy: Let´s Ska
Dandy: Let´s Do Rocksteady
Dandy: Reggae In Your Jeggae
Dandy: Touble In The Town
Dandy: The Toast
Dandy: I Want To Rave
Dandy: Move Your Mule
Prince Of Darkness: Talking Boss
Boy Friday: Skank One-Two-Three
Israelites: Come Together
Desmond Riley: Skinheads A Message To You
Dandy: You Don´t Care
Dandy: War Across The Nation
Dandy: Right On Brother
Dandy: Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
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