FREEDOM SOUNDS (94) 14.11.2004
  Burning Spear: As It Is
Burning Spear: Foggy Road
Burning Spear: Door Peeper
Burning Spear: This Population
Burning Spear: Bad To Worse
Burning Spear: Rocking Time (Single Version)
Junior Dan: Red, Gold And Green Rainbow
Junior Dan: Mr Big Shot
Junior Dan. Mr Big Shot Version
Royals: Facts Of Life
Royals: Pick Up The Pieces
I Roy: Monkey Fashion
King Tubby: Dub Piece
Ronnie Davis: The Power Of Love
Johnny Clarke: None Shall Escape The Judgement
Dillinger: Jah Jah Dub
Vin Gordon: Magnum Force
Knowledge: Good Luck My Friends
Knowledge: Fools And Their Money
Burning Spear: Zion Higher

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