FREEDOM SOUNDS (96) 12.12.2004
  Winston & Pat: Pony Ride
Tennors: Ride Your Donkey
Tennors: Copy Me Donkey
Jackie Mittoo: Race Track
Brentford Road All Stars: Race Track Version
Tommy McCook: Ride Me Donkey
Tennors: Rub Me Khaki
Pioneers: No Dope Me Pony
Pioneers: Long Shot
Pioneers: Long Shot Kick De Bucket
Dandy: Burial Of Long Shot
Derrick Morgan: Horse Race
Hippy Boys: Death Rides A Horse
Skatalites: Ringo Rides
Dandy: Move Your Mule
Dandy: Follow That Donkey
Silver Stars: Hear What The Old Man Say
Prince Buster: Tie De Donkey´s Tail
Dave Barker: Ride Your Pony
Ben Bowers: Donkey City
Count Price Miller: Mule Train
Denzil Dennis: Donkey Train
Gladstone Anderson & Lynn Taitt: Ride Me Donkey

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