FREEDOM SOUNDS (115) 22.01.2006

Lloyd Jackson & the Grovers: Do It To Me Baby
Tommy McCook: Caltone Special
Honey Boy Martin: Dreader Than Dread
Tommy McCook: Ska Jam
Tommy McCook: Riverton City
Heptones: Gunman Coming To Town
Roy Shirley: Get On The Ball
Ken Boothe: You Left The Water Running
Yvonne Harrison: Near To You
Yvonne Harrison: The Chase
Emotions: No Use To Cry
Emotions: Soulful Music
Johnny Moore & Tommy McCook: Sound And Soul
Lynn Taitt: The Brush
Pioneers: Never Come Running Back
Pioneers: Good Nanny
Alva Lewis: Return Home
Kingstonians: Why Wipe The Smile From Your Face
Groovers: Listen To The Music
Peter Austin: Time Is Getting Harder
Tartans: Coming On Strong
Heptones: I Am Lonely
Heptones: Crying Over You
Hemsley Morris: Love Is Strange

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