FREEDOM SOUNDS (124) 10.09.2006

Lord Tickler: Limbo
Hubert Porter: Ten Penny Nail
Count Owen: Under The Mango Tree
Marie Bryant: Tomato
Phyllis Dillon: Don´t Touch Me Tomato
Lord Lebby: Mama No Want No Rice And Peas
Boysie Grant & Reynold´s Calypso Clippers: The Naughty Little Flea
Maytals: Little Flea
Lord Messam & his Calypsonians: Monkey
Derrick Harriott: Monkey Ska
Derrick Harriott: John Tom
Derrick Harriott: Face Dog
Alerth Bedasse: Mussu / John Tom
Hubert Porter: Names Of Funny Places
Lord Power: Strip Tease
Marie Bryant: Little Boy
Nora Dean: The Same Thing That You Gave Daddy
Clyde Hoyte: Charlie´s Song
Harold Richardson: Parish Girl
Lord Tickler: Green Guava
Lord Lebby: Sweet Jamaica

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