FREEDOM SOUNDS (126) 08.10.2006

Cedric Brooks & David: Night Ride
Silvertones: In The Midnight Hour
George Faith: Midnight Hour (12')
Jiving Juniors: One Summer Night We Fell In Love
Jamaicans: Cool Night
Phyllis Dillon: Midnight Confession
Rod Taylor: Night In September
Prince Buster: Another Sad Lonely Night
John Holt: Tonight
Derrick Morgan & Eric Morris: Nights Are Lonely
Eric Donaldson: Lonely Nights
Busty Brown: Here Comes The Night
Ken Parker: Dance All Night
Glen Ricketts: Tonight
Jennifer Lara: Rocking Tonight
Jackie Mittoo: Night In Ethiopia
Rico: Midnight In Ethiopia
Jackie Mittoo: Midnight Special
Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari: No Night In Zion
Keith Hudson: Darkest Night
David Anthony: All Night
Don Carlos: Have A Nice Time
Roland Alphonso: Goodnight My Love

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