FREEDOM SOUNDS (132) 25.02.2007

Prince Buster All Stars: Freezing Up Orange Street
Prince Buster: Train To Girls Town
Prince Buster: Julie On My Mind
Lynn Taitt: Julie On My Mind
Prince Buster: Shearing You
Prince Buster: Another Sad Lonely Night
Larry Marshall: No Money No Love
Larry Marshall: Suspicion
Winston Samuels: I´m Still Here
The Righteous Flames: When A Girl Loves A Boy
The Righteous Flames: Gimme Some Kind Of Sign Girl
Dawn Penn: Here Is The Key
Roy Shirley: Golden Festival
Prince Buster & Lee Perry: Bitter With The Sweet
Prince Buster: Johnny Cool Part 1
Prince Buster & Lee Perry: Johnny Cool Part 2
Prince Buster: Black Power
Prince Buster: Going To Ethiopia
Prince Buster: Ghost Dance
Prince Buster All Stars: Seven Wonders Of The World
Prince Buster: Can´t Keep On Running

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