FREEDOM SOUNDS (134) 25.03.2007

Cables: Baby Why
Westmorelites: Miss Hiti Tite
Invaders: Sweet Soul Rocking
Enforcers: Musical Fever
Jailbreakers: Work It Up
Kingstonians: Make You A Woman
Soulettes & the Moonlighters: I´ll Be Coming Back
Wrigglers: Don´t Wait For Me
Black Brothers: School Children
Blues Busters: Donna
Jiving Juniors: Hip Rub
Cables: What Am I To Do
Perils: Pain In My Heart
Slickers: Nana
Splenders: Sometimes Coffee
Blue Beats: Change Your Gear
School Boys: Dream Lover
Termites: Rave All Night
Versatiles: Please Be True
Sharks: I Wouldn´t Baby
Sharks: How Could I Live
Martinis: My Baby (Discomix)
Freedom Singers: Lover´s Train

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