FREEDOM SOUNDS (145) 28.10.2007
  Bonny: Seed You Sow
Lord Tanamo: You Belong To My Heart
Lord Tanamo: Taller Than You Are
Lord Tanamo: Love You Truly
Lord Tanamo: Mattie Rag
Winston Samuels: You´re The One I Love
Winston Samuels: Luck Will Come My Way
Winston Samuels: Be Prepared
Winston Samuels: My Bride To Be
Winston Samuels: Ups And Downs
Winston Samuels: Sit And Cry Over You
Cables: You Betrayed Me Girl
Cables: I´ve Made Up My Mind
Lloyd & Glen: Too Late
Lloyd & Glen: You Got Big Too Quick
Originators: Hot Iron (Rudies At Large)
Jackie Estick: Daisy
Derrick Harriott: Monkey Ska
Errol & Roy: Gypsy Woman
Roy & Millie: Oh Merna
Roy & Ken: Paradise
Carib Beats: Orange Street Special
Lord Tanamo: Mother´s Choice
Lord Creator: Rascal Boy
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