FREEDOM SOUNDS (160) 28.9.2008
  Rod Taylor: Don´t Give Up (discomix)
Prince Alla: Stone
King Tubby: Great Stone
Prince Alla & Philip Frazer: Black Rose
Prince Alla: They Never Love (discomix)
King Tubby: King Tubby´s Key
Mighty Three: Don´t Say You Don´t Love
Mighty Three: Back Yard Movement
Rod Taylor: Ethiopian Kings
King Tubby: Ethiopian Version
Rod Taylor: In The Right Way
King Tubby: Dub The Right Way
Sylvan White: No Babylon System
Sylvan White: Mammy And Daddy
Frankie Paul: Give The Youth A Chance
Frankie Paul: Babylon Man
Donovan Joseph: 2000 Years
Prince Alla: Only Love Can Conquer
Sylvan White: One Destiny
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