FREEDOM SOUNDS (164) 14.12.2008
  Brigitte Bond: Blue Beat Baby
Ruddy & Sketto: Ten Thousand Miles From Home
The Riff: Primitive Man
Bobby Muir & Laurel Aitken: Baby What You Done Me Wrong
Laurel Aitken: Bouncing Woman
Laurel Aitken: Lucille
Laurel Aitken: Going To Kansas
Laurel Aitken: Little Girl
Laurel Aitken: This Great Day
Prince Buster: Wash Wash
Prince Buster: Beggars Are No Choosers
Rico: Buster´s Welcome
Helen Fleming: Eve´s Ten Commandments
Rico: Just You
Rico: Blues From The Hills
Rico & the Creators: I´ll Be Home
Marvels: Saturday
Denzil Dennis: Seven Nights In Rome
Little Joyce: Oh Daddy
Syko & the Caribs: Do The Dog
Johnny Stevens & the Blue Beats: Ball And Chain
Sonny Burke: Blue Island
Rico: This Day
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