FREEDOM SOUNDS (166) 11.01.2009
  Heptones: The Magnificent Heptones
Heptones: Forward On A Yard
Heptones: Gunmen Coming To Town
Heptones: Nobody Knows
Heptones: Fattie Fattie
Heptones: Hypocrite
Heptones: Freedom To The People
Niney & the Heptones: Keep On Pushing
Heptones: I Do Love You
Heptones: Our Day Will Come
Heptones: Daddy´s Home
Heptones: Come On In
Heptones: I´m In The Mood For Love
Heptones: Revolution
Leroy Sibbles: Total Destruction
Heptones: Party Time (Pratt)
Heptones: Party Time (Perry)
Leroy Sibbles: Jah Far-I On A Pinnacle
Heptones: Do Good To Everyone
Heptones: Cool Rasta
Heptones: Wah Go Home
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